Anti-Vibration Tables are ideal for Testing / Quality Laboratories co-located with industrial units having high degree of vibration due to working machines like presses, hammers, VMCs etc. An anti vibration table design for cooperation with analytical and laboratory balances or control scales.

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Our Anti-Vibration Tables are design with Granite Surface Plate with Grade-1 accuracy for critical measuring accuracies. Also, vibration damping in our Anti-Vibration tables provided at two locations – below the granite table top and at the bottom using levelling feet. So its can help in proper levelling of the table as well as having insulation plate to remove any unwanted vibrations. Additionally, we can select Elastomeric, Pneumatic or Spring Based Damping depending upon the vibrations present in the Testing Laboratory.
Hence, These almost products are manufacture under the supervision of our competent professionals. Therefore with the usage of quality raw material and progressive technology in conformity with international quality standards. In Contrast of  the manufacturing process to enhance and even more the quality, quantity of the Lab furniture.


Brief History

Founded in 2008, Shapers Lab; now became one of the leading manufactures and suppliers of laboratory furniture, fume hood systems and its related accessories.

“Shapers Lab” has its own sophisticate manufacturing units, spread over 3300 sq. meter area situated in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, with in-house full fledge manufacturing facilities

Become one of the global players in supplying laboratory furniture, Chemical fume hoods, Stand Alone Units, laboratory accessories, and Laboratory Fume Extraction System.

Anti Vibration Table Features:

  1. Anti vibration table is design to provide stable working conditions during high precision weighing.
  2. Working table has a separate base and a counter top made in painted Laquered MDF technology.
  3. The top has an opening for stone plate which is a stabilizing element of the anti vibration table.
  4. Table construction made of mild steel profiles with adjustable feet for height regulation.
  5. A stone plate is support an independent base for improvement of stability.

Basically The whole motive of our company is to produce a wide domain of office furniture meeting the standards of people. Also with globalize quality so that would enhance for the reason that interior design of the laboratory.

Antivibration platforms and tables are accessories that can enhance the performance of your balance. We offer vibration-free platforms and antivibration tables to reduce vibration disturbances caused by nearby equipment.

These balance accessories can also reduce shock when using precision testing equipment. Anti-vibration slabs are also available for small areas where tables aren’t an option.

The anti-vibration table is designed for use in the laboratory or metrology room to provide suitable working conditions for devices that are sensitive to vibrations and shocks.

The table comprises two separate parts – An internal working surface consisting of a large granite slab mounted on rubber shock absorbing mounts. An external service table with steel frame and adjustable leveling feet.

Main usage is for analytical balances etc. The outer table is positioned independently of the inner table. The inner table is a heavy fabricated system which is mounted on specially rubber mounts to dampen the vibration.

Lab Furniture in Ankleshwar
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We seek to work with our customers to achieve a common goal – sucess in research and laboratory work.

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Our aim to sharing our knowledge as much as learning from our customers and peers in building consensus and innovation.

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We believe in creating a world-class facility, not solely by standards but together with creativity.

Laboratory solutions for the modern world.


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