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Ong to its exceptional attributes, our entire Fume Extraction System range is place in contrast of scientific and research laboratories.

Fume Extraction System


We specialize in offering Ceiling Mount & Wall Mount Extractor which is manufacturing using superior quality material. It is suitable for removing airborne contaminants and keeps the work place safely from harmful fumes.

Our almost range of Wall Mount & Ceiling Mount Extractor is appreciate for the reason that its high performance. Seems like durability, Easy installation, perfect finish & its excellent performance. Even more also finds usage in laboratories, pharmaceutical unit and production environments.

Fume Extraction System

Fume Extraction Systems

With rich industry experience and knowledge, so we are engage in offering a wide range of Fume Extraction Systems. Our providing fume extractor is best suite due to be use in various laboratories, pharmaceutical unit soldering and light duty industries. This fume extractor is use due to remove the fumes. For the reason that are generate during the process of welding.

Finally We also offer this fume extractor in assort specifications and deliver confine time. Therefore this unit is suitable for the separation of alveole exchangeable dusts. So The advantage of surface filtration is that the filter cartridge can be clean. 

We also have a well-knitted network along the vertical supply chain – both with the manufacturers and distributors, to fulfill timely delivery of products and bulk purchase of machine equipments and spares.

Dust Collection Systems to protect men working in the manufacturing plants from hazardous gases and fumes. FES is installed to confine the fumes & unburnt particles of material, which are generated during melting and other industrial processes. AIL offers technically advanced, highly efficient, custom made systems to suit specific industrial applications and satisfies the requirement of all the Pollution Control Boards across India and abroad. The system generally consists of suction hoods, swivel hood for standby furnace, hood required during pouring, other types of hood required at different processes with ducting, butterfly dampers, gas cooler, dust / fume collector etc. Centrifugal ID fan is also provided as a part of the Fume Extraction System (FES).

Fume extraction systems protect industrial work environments that are continuously subjected to dangerous fumes and gases. Glacier Technology offers a variety of source capture methods, including: Plymovent Fume Extractor Arms, Plymovent Overhead hoods, and Aer Control Systems backdraft hoods.

Our fume extraction systems are complete custom built systems, engineered to meet specific needs. We thoroughly study your facility and processes to develop the most effective fume extraction system solution for you. Our complete fume extraction system solutions can include:

Wet and Dry Collectors for Combustible Dust
Cartridge Collectors and Filters
Ambient Capture Systems
Source Capture Systems

We can assist you with diagnostics, air flow measurement, and air testing, while providing comprehensive project management, including coordination with contractors to complete the installation.

Fume extraction system is one of the fume extractors in the offering. It is designed for heavy duty industrial use for capturing pollution at source. The extraction system can be easily moved at places within the unit wherever required. This system is based on four stage filtration and purification. It is important to filter and purify the fumes, as it is hazardous to the health of people. These fumes can cause cough, shortness of breath, nausea, loss of appetite, fluid in lungs, bronchitis, etc. The welding fumes can cause heart disease, kidney damage, hearing loss, and skin diseases. This welding fume extraction system can be used for filtering welding fumes.
With a continuous attempt to bring forward innovative solutions for precision clamping, we are engaged in managing our broadened product portfolio, which includes best in class range of Industrial Conveying System, Industrial Scrubber, Air Pollution Control System, Air Filters Equipment and more. Since the commencement quality is the essential area to concentrate for our skillful product engineers that have generated a matchless product range featuring profitable properties of the controlling fume, heavy fine dust load, entirely automated operation and longer service life.

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