Fume Hood Design

Fume hoods are design for the needs of new generation scientists, combining safe and energy efficient designs. Almost with a multitude of user-friendly features. Fume Hood Design on a rigid frame construction that assures solid installation, low vibration and also sound levels. Shapers Lab fume hoods provide a reliable and efficient operation with the highest levels of safety.

Fume Hood Design

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Fume Hood Design

We are service provider of Lab Furniture Repairing Service. With the help of our state of art production unit and highly experience professionals. Furthermore we are manufacturing the offer equipment in a diverse array of types suiting to the latest demands and requirements.

Fume Hood capture the fumes/effluents released during any given experiment. In contrast of the enclosure and then emit through their well-design exhaust system. Fume hoods typically protect only the user, and also are most commonly use in laboratories. Because where hazardous or noxious chemicals are release during testing, research, development or teaching.


Brief History

Founded in 2008, Shapers Lab; now became one of the leading manufactures and suppliers of laboratory furniture, fume hood systems and its related accessories.

“Shapers Lab” has its own sophisticate manufacturing units, spread over 3300 sq. meter area situated in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, with in-house full fledge manufacturing facilities

Become one of the global players in supplying laboratory furniture, Chemical fume hoods, Stand Alone Units, laboratory accessories, and Laboratory Fume Extraction System.

We also design and develop the a complete range of scientific and laboratory instruments with the highest quality standards. Our commitment due to quality is unflinching, also our hunger for With over a decade of industry experience. Fume Hood Design in vadodara.

Our aim is to meet the overwhelming demand of the scientific community and provide them with world class quality scientific instruments. Hence, we also serve our valuable customers with outstanding responsiveness, carrying out and even more delivery of product.

The continuous cooperation and support of our professional team has help. Due to understand and deliver state of the art scientific instruments right from basic lab equipment. Therefore, we also providing high quality standard equipment’s from our comprehensive product range. Fume Hood Design in India.

Low Bench type of Fume Hood Design is characterized by a low worktop height which results in a large working height for the operator. This allows tall distillation equipment to be installed and mounted in the work chamber, tested in acc. with EN 14175. Rest of the items remains same as Std. Bench Type of Fume Hood.

The Fume Hood Design is often the primary control device for protecting laboratory workers when working with flammable and/or toxic chemicals. Hoods protect workers by: Containing vapors, dusts, gases, and fumes generated within the hood, and removing them as air flows into the hood and then out via the laboratory exhaust system.

The front door moves vertically up & down with concealed counterbalanced weight. The unit is fitted with fluorescent light & a gas cock of gas/air supply. The space under the work station can be provided with storage compartments for storage purpose. Fume Hood Design in Baroda.

Fume Hood Design
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We seek to work with our customers to achieve a common goal – sucess in research and laboratory work.

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Our aim to sharing our knowledge as much as learning from our customers and peers in building consensus and innovation.

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We believe in creating a world-class facility, not solely by standards but together with creativity.

Laboratory Solutions for the Modern World.


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