Technologies revolutionized the whole scenario of the world with their groundbreaking discoveries and changed the impossible- possible concepts. The research industry equivalently progressed parallelly with the pace and advancement of market trends. Today, Fume Hood in Laboratory is not just a concept; however, with many confusing options available in the market, Tailored Fume Hoods have become an essential consideration in science and research industries. 

A laboratory is a workspace that provides conditions to conduct technological scientific research and development measures and the purpose of Fume-Hoods is to function as the most common ventilation enclosed system. Fume Hood in Laboratory is used as a scientific device to measure the face velocity. The primary role is to pull hazardous air and chemicals away from the users working in the laboratories at a significant degree through a facility exhaust system. Hence; keeping the sash high, let us dive together to understand some major salient key elements/ features of Fume Hood used in laboratories. Depending on the laboratory, Fume Hoods works on the principle of laminar flow.

The article will give you the right enclosure for Fume Hood and the proper functioning that works for you when working with toxic compounds and chemicals.

What is a Fume Hood with Its Purpose and Importance?

In research and scientific laboratories, pernicious and noxious gases have always been critical health-concerning problems. Inhaling fumes from chemicals or compounds of any toxic/ foreign substances through the throat, and nose that enter into your respiratory tract can cause long-term complications sometimes death. Thus these toxic industrial fumes and gases can give you a potentially high degree of chronic medical problems and life-threatening diseases. Since exposure to highly volatile poisonous fumes, toxic substances, and hazardous/ perilous water- vapors can cause serious health- effects; thus a properly designed Fume Hood in Laboratory expels the airborne into vents and explodes the toxic substances through high pressure. Hence, when you are working with virulent and malignant vital toxic materials and substances, Fume Hoods stand out as an appropriate maintenance technique ventilation system that traps and exhausts vapors and deadly gases.

Not only do the Fume-Hoods act as a local ventilation device but there are many other crucial key functions and used cases of this device. The elimination of volatile liquid is one of its major functions but these Fume Hood devices also prevent poisonous fumes and gases from further and prolonged exposure. Moreover, the multi-faceted device functions as a barrier to avoid unnecessary chemical reactions and ensures hazard-free working laboratory space. This is a working type of equipment used in laboratories to filter out harmful gases and protect protection from small explosion incidents within the enclosed working premises. This is a large box-type device placed on the top of the work-laboratory station and consists of the table, the enclosure, and the system. Generally, these devices have a strong built-in lighting system with a large door on one side and a CRCA( Cold Rolled Close Annealed) sheet on the other side. The air suction portion is placed on the top and a sealed pipe goes out into the atmosphere. The accompanied air- duct throws the fumes through the filtration system ensuring the safety and integrity of the experiments performed. Please note that these effective ventilation system mechanisms should always be used below the 120-degree boiling point of flammable solvents, volatile-corrosive acids, and irritating asphyxiating harmful gases. 

Having understood the salient features and properties along with their key importance; let us delve into knowing the Fume Hood Design and in detail different Types of Fume Hood in Laboratory

Fume Hood in Laboratory Design



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What are the Different Types of Fume Hood in Laboratory?

As we know the Fume- Hood is a cupboard cabinet ventilation device that captures the deadly potentially harmful and contaminated chemicals from the body through an appropriately ventilated- filtration system that draws air from the hood preventing chemical explosions and contamination of research testing and experiments. Thus, Fume Hood in Laboratory is not just involved with toxic and hazardous harmful chemicals and components whereas, the enclosed mechanism enhances the standards of laboratory personnel and workers. The containment box-type device in the laboratory comes with a glass-type pellucid front opening to provide access to enter inside the box. Moreover, this enclosed work pace front opening system can be lowered or raised according to the user’s need via a sash. 

In Laboratories, scientists and researchers run multiple experiments and testing procedures; hence, these Fume Hood devices chores to function as safeguarding the laboratory work- environment reducing the risks of contamination and unintended accidents, injuries, and events. Fume Hood electrical appliances are well equipped with a controlled ventilation system that comes with various types for the working laboratory station. Hence, please go through the Different Types of Fume Hood in Laboratory listed below.

  • Bench Top Fume Hood- These Fume-Hood devices are one of the most popular ventilation devices and stand out to be a perfect fit for a wide range of workstations- utility tables with many cabinets and cupboards. These are generally used for small- to moderate quantities of low- to high-toxic materials. Moreover; check- out the customized-tailored Fume Hood appliances with varied shapes and sizes from one of the leading Fume Hood manufacturing companies, Shapers Lab in Vadodara according to your needs and demands for the experiment you conduct. Bench Top is based on ergonomic designs that work as an appropriate option for limited work-station laboratory space which brings efficiency to the work performed in the laboratory.

  • Walk in Fume Hood- These are ideally fit for various larger and more spacious applications industries like pharmaceuticals, steel and galvanized industries, and biotechnology. They are oversized double-layered electrical equipment/ appliances with heavy epoxy-coated finishing used for fume extraction solutions and to prevent the release of hazardous substances. The foremost advantage of these floor-mounted walk-in Fume hoods machinery is that it enhances safety using tall- distillation racks and larger drums by reaching the floor base of your working- area/ station. The device is available in different dimensions and hood-opening measures.
  • Distillation Fume Hood-  Distillation fume hoods are suitable for small- to medium quantities of low- to high-toxicity material. These types of chemical Fume Hoods are crafted with thick- wooden boards that have a very- tall

The Importance of Fume Hood plays a major role in laboratory function integrity without compromising the safety factor by handling a wide- range of volatile- poisonous substances, fumes, and harmful gasoline. They are versatile ensuring high safety for the workers in the laboratory.

The Closing Statement

Today, it is the 21st century and driving innovations serves as an engine for technological progress and fosters conducive productivity. Moreover, modern technologies have triggered the global climate jutting off as a whole to change completely. Therefore; be it for anything, practicing eco-friendly measures contributes to an intensified resilient flourishing world. Hence, the advocacy of scientific laboratory furniture brings a long-term legacy of sustainability. For this reason, right Fume Hood in Laboratory empowers opportune focused experiments and research analysis. Above all, the dynamic landscapes and tapestry of the modern world have fostered a wide range of assured Fume Hood laboratory furniture; thus, selecting the unerring laboratory manufacturing manufacturers enhances the integrity of research endeavors.

Why is Shapers Lab the Right Fume Hood For your Laboratory

Depending on the nature of your research, choosing the right Fume Hood Laboratory manufacturers becomes a very critical element in terms of safety and durability. The mainstay is that as there are many fume hood manufacturers available in the market offering different numbers of configurations thus the process of researching and making the right choice for Fume Hood in Laboratory becomes an integrated priority. Amidst options for sure yet for safety reigns supremacy adhere the leading Fume Hood manufacturers; Shapers Lab in Vadodara, Gujarat. The organization is strictly to International Standard guidelines and certification with rigorous testing and guaranteed optimal performance. We assure you that the Fume Designs are immensely captivating and will enhance your scientific quality and overall safety. Above all, every Fume Hood is properly tested before delivering it to the users for their research projects.

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