The concept of laboratory science came into being in the early 19th century depending on the services, purpose, and functions. Industrial research was a mere concept in that medieval era or we can say early instances there was complete control over technological experiments performed and measured. Testing and Clinical establishments are very difficult to run in those days/ era.

Shapers Lab is an award-winning lab manufacturing company that is a trusted partner of many business disciplines such as Industrial Research; pharmaceutical organizations, Chemistry Labs, Clinical Labs, Healthcare departments, etc therefore with on-demand services the company provides a wide range of Laboratory Furniture along with constituent quality products.

In this article below we will walk through the types of laboratory furniture with its high-quality efficiency and also gain an ultimate knowledge of high-standard modernistic laboratories. Moreover, through this written draft you will understand the different types of components and high-powered lab workstations and make your choice according to your needs and delineation. We will also understand different uses of lab furniture with Long Self durability and its advanced- analytical structure designed by us- Shapers Lab.

What is the Laboratory Furniture

Embracing the Excellent standard Procedures for the Modernstick world”

India needs a top-notch holistic care system; therefore, eventually, this seventh-largest country in the world has also geared- up in quality laboratory appliances and clinical establishments. Having any hustle and bustle in this country; India has still managed to provide top-notch tuned modern Research Furniture with all ethical considerations. Up until the late 1970’s there were specific-based instrument systems; and in the 1980’s we got introduced to the first generation of Laboratory systems. However, in exponentially growing volumes of modern technologies; the Laboratory furniture evolved with technological progress and modern architecture apparently giving the long life span in its laboratory. In addition to mobile and database; efforts have also been put into providing world-class Laboratory Systems with modern equipment and art-to-art apparatus.

These Modular Lab Furniture are user-friendly workspaces performing all varieties of research in the dynamic arena of scientific studies. It is not just equipment and chemicals for these scientific discoveries, but at the same time premium designed amateur lab furniture is of utmost importance. Therefore; we can say that standard lab furniture is necessary to handle hazardous experiments, and research appeals to the overall safety and cohesive functionality.

In early medieval areas, people used traditional concepts more often which was functionality over comfort for Lab Furniture for meeting the wide range of research. The concept was following the stationary positions ignoring the cause- wear tear injury and ergonomic risk factors. These laboratory experiments were extremely dangerous, with comprehensive noise and work stress over the health.

There has been a dramatic shift in this very fast-paced world of progressing discoveries and advanced scientific tools have become the best environment to conduct any sort of clinical research. The effect of an evolved scientific laboratory has given importance to prioritizing comfort and environmental stewardship with Ergonomic Lab Furniture.

Therefore; choosing the standard furniture withstanding security, safety, and efficiency visit the leading and most reputed manufacturers to explore the unmatched and accurate results which is Shapers Lab based out at Makarpura Vadodara. Keeping pace with modern technologies, promising long-term benefits, and guaranteeing fewer risk accidents; this Gujarat-based lab manufacturer has become the top most reliable one-stop solution for fulfilling furnishing and advanced requirements. Shapers Lab became one of the most promising manufacturers and leaders since the incorporation of the unit in 2008. The global player has reached millions of success stories within a short period in fume food systems and laboratory manufacturers.                                

No matter what trends in the industry will continue growing; therefore, with emerging trends, there are various types of laboratory furniture with bottleneck approaches to enhance your experiments.

Centre Table or Island Bench

This Island Bench is referred to as the epitome of any experiments and tests carved with one of the best premium quality with adjustable heights and Reagent Bottle Neck Racks. These island Bench Furniture tables have a wide range of accessible areas which plays a vital role in developing important scientific breakthroughs. Among the myriad types of scientists and lab assistants, almost everyone is using this Centre Table to prevent dangerous accidents and unpliable injuries. The laboratory furniture has complete and robust foot support for constant research and scientific experiments. Our dedicated and expert team of engineers understands the need for very specific experiments and then designs an alternating landscape as per the demand and need of our client. Majorly, the center laboratory table furniture is commonly used to accommodate large spaces along with effective multi-purpose adjustable storage.

This chemical lab furniture is a mechanical and electrical apparatus that also has different sink cabinets and other utility services with quantum computing. The biological process is designed with new technologies meeting the broad spectrum needs of every scientist.

Laboratory Wall Bench and Table

Overall the last 40 years Laboratory test markets and experiments have reached their utmost potential and generated positive records and significant achievements. 

Hence, the company modified with the technological shift and is also engaged in providing the laboratory furniture like a Bench and Table with stringent protocols and paramount functionality. This chemical Laboratory Wall Bench equipment is manufactured with a metal coating of stainless steel, Phenolic resins, and epoxy resin at very high-heated temperatures; therefore these workspace appliances are named as the Backbone of scientific research lab. This Laboratory Storage Wall Table is strategically placed with utility fixers and non-porous furnishing for conducting laboratory experiments and research needs. Moreover, this geared apparatus can be mounted against the wall along with a robust storage system and built-in cabinets, drawers, and shelves. The engineered Laboratory Wall Bench and Table consist of instant Electron Beam Curing to form a coating in the form of radiation sterilization.

Overall, these modular Laboratory Wall Bench and Tables are in demand these days because the equipment machine is equipped with scalability, productivity, easy cleaning, and most importantly safety at the laboratory workspace. This is one of the most prominent Laboratory Wall benches for comfort and productivity for operation and research. The laboratory metal frame is constructed under high-temperature heat for ever-lasting toughness and metal cracks.

Moreover, with time we have become a certified and award-winning laboratory solution to many medical and research disciplines for various dimensions according to the client’s needs. 

Instrument Table

In this rapidly changing world where accuracy is an inevitable factor for scientific research and experiments. We have a dedicated team of professional engineers for designing the tabletop surface and multi-tasks instrument table for highly extensive laboratory experiments and tests. This workstation equipment is generally for dedicated clinical research and examinations fairly known for its sleek appearance. We are predominately ruling the city for mapping out this Instrument table-top surface with a smooth and plane finish with complete chemical-resistant laminate. The electromechanical device is specifically scaled with raised edges and loaded capacity to support heavy instruments. The dimension of the instrument table is customizably framed according to specific needs giving a swivel frame appearance. Moreover, certain models of Instrument tables are integrated with Keyboard facilities and CPU shelves. They are considered optional components but to bring a complete change in your digital world of tests and research at your workspace clutter we include these essential electronics. As we already discussed above in the article, these laboratory desk metal types of furniture are coated with Electron Beams and radiation; hence lab- workers and technicians cannot get exposed to harmful and hazardous gas emissions.

Therefore, we design these modular furniture in such a way that the needs of your laboratory stations and scalability are enhanced. These are all sustainable products with ameliorated ergonomics with convenient electric outlets coupled with integrated power- strips.

School Lab Furniture

According to scientific needs, there are Different Types Of Laboratory Furniture workstations to suit various types of experiments and tests. Shapers Lab is predominantly the leading player in the design of School Lab Furniture Devices with various sizes and configurations. Keeping pace with the latest trends and technology these School Lab Furnitures are proficient in detailed conclusions with higher cyber security and safety. We are rich in designing upholstery machine devices for Schools and Institutes which consist of chemical-resistance power with ventilation and spill containments for maximum functionality. We, steadfast professionals, are great players in designing specialized modern- modular laboratory designs. Our team is always evolving with future lab trends and revolutionary digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools. Additionally, the laboratory furniture guarantees maintaining a balanced equilibrium, safety, and comfort for the school teachers, lab assistants, and students as well. Simultaneously, we are dominating the school lab furniture in terms of functioning, and crucial classroom laboratory experiments with paramount education ideology and advanced technology. 

The company has always aimed for necessary specifications while conducting the school experiment tests such as basic aesthetics, matte surface, metallic texture, supportive environment, paradigm shifts in technologies, and amazing fashionable designs to demonstrate the junction of experiments. Therefore, we have become significant players in a very short period for these classroom modern lab equipment and furniture. You can easily place an order for any educational lab furniture and equipment for any dimensions, and size including various features with a promising cost-effective budget. 

Different Types Of Laboratory Furniture (1)

Stainless Steel Furniture

This principal alloy named Stainless steel is remarkably known for its impregnable characteristics of withstanding toughness and corrosion resistance. We are preponderantly the best sellers and manufacturers in almost all the western coast of India. This minimum chromium content metal is non-rusting coated with steal water-proof material for high-performing experiments and solutions. These days stainless steel laboratory furniture is much in demand for effective laboratory experiences, and tests. This is generally non-magnetic which is more malleable and durable among all the other metals and on the counterpart gives a matte finishing appearance and shiny look. Moreover, this is one of the best combinations of alloy and chromium which ultimately becomes the first and best choice for any laboratory. It requires very low maintenance and is also relatively considered a bad conductor of electricity. The stainless steel furniture is galvanized with extensive fabrication to prevent the mechanical device from rusting. 

Moreover, these stainless steel furniture showcase strong resistance power to harmful chemicals, rust, corrosion, and moisture with the austenitic effect of abrasion property.

Our Functional designing professionals have created many high success stories among R and D Lab, Chemical Lab, Pharmaceutical Lab, and many more by configuring safety-storage multi-layered cabinets and endeavors for long-term performance. Furthermore, we can produce pocket-friendly elements accompanied by an excellent quality range of stainless steel equipment.

University Lab Furniture

In our recent years, we have given primary consideration to University Lab Furniture for Education Institutions and Education organizations. Science and technology have become some of the finest options these days and there have been revolutionary and comprehensive changes up till now. We are a growing organization and our system is working completely on customer satisfaction. We design classroom lab equipment and furniture with adapts to the changing environment and within a period of no time will excel in becoming the number one manufacturer of Academic Lab Furniture. Furthermore, besides offering smart solutions to Education Institutes we reign superior in changing to the flexible demands. Our leading manufacturing plant is based out in Vadodara, Gujarat offering the best competitive market rates/ prices on Academic Lab Furtinuite and Education Institutes. 

We have accomplished heights in providing excellent finishing, and complete installation from scratch with proper modern and modular workstations and adjustable benches. We play a pivotal role in safety and functionality and meticulously work on enhancing the efficacy of classroom work experiments and Tests. In addition to the wide- vivid range of University Lab Furniture, we are experts in custom designs and safeguard the lab workstation with fire-retardant materials. You can place your orders with us for any types of laboratory furniture like C-frame, H-frame, etc depending on your plan, and make a wise investment for your business. We promise to offer you the best quality lab furnitures with long-lasting adaptability.

C FRMA Laboratory Furniture

As technology is growing at pace and with unique analytical sights we have also become the trusted partner of C FRMA Lab Furniture in the fields of scientific organization, public sector, and Pharmaceutical industrial industries. Here you can get a clear description of C FRMA Laboratory Furniture and this will help you to make the right decision for your laboratory business. This electronic frame equipment is assembled in a C-shape with heavy gauge hollow fabric rod-shaped pipes and steel plates. This fabricated gauge material is extremely thick and heavy measuring up to 2mm thick- 60*30 mm thick. This modular design C-shaped FRMA Lab Furniture has an integrated storage rack reagent system with substantial sturdy shelving. The reagent system is a compact, long, resilient laboratory equipment rack having the support of an aluminum framework for solid storage. C FRMA Lab Furniture provides bulk storage for acids, detergents, bases, test- tubes, and indicators. The modular ergonomics C FRMA Lab Furniture design is durable and has adjustable shelves with movable components and other elements of user comfort and laboratory environment. In addition to this, the safety C- shaped electronic device has Performance Laminate with modified chemical-resistant and Melamine Formaldehyde. Our analytical system is completely working on out-performing and quality measurements. 

As the leading manufacturing company we always promise to be your safest solution when it comes to modular lab cabinets and furniture. The FRMA lab station is assembled with durable elements, neutral colours, and proper powder coating services. Our plant has distributed a wide range of laboratory workstations to the Research and Development and Quality Assurance departments. Therefore, we can say that we have a very long-standing journey when it comes to futuristic modular and ergonomics lab furniture designs with recent manufacturing technologies. The global industrial scale production market is growing at a potential speed with an annual growth of 6 percent every year. Our professional laboratory manufacturer has always maintained the standards to meet international business laboratory trends.

C Frame Island Bench

Basically, the C FRAME island bench is another type of lab furniture for any kind of science research workstation. This is a customized Modern lab furniture with a strong workbench with rubber adjustable foot and damping-shipper proof. The pathology C frame island bench has two C frame working spaces with a heavy and solid table top. Additionally, the most popular C bracket island bench laboratory furniture designs are mounted in the shape of H and bring a modern appearance. We have become one of the best excellent choices among the free-standing laboratory work furniture and through our extraordinary collective efforts we have set up a leading benchmark in maintaining our standard with timely insightful results. Compared to other plant manufacturers from seasonal salt desserts to the northwest region of coastal plains we provide the best digital trending and latest solutions for different laboratory furniture

Moreover, if we understand more about C design electronic furniture and types of equipment we come to understand that the plain metal corrosion and rust-resistant sheet comes with the standard dimensions of 60*40*2 mm in rectangular panel. The non-porous elongated stainless sheet is scratch-resistant and, therefore, becomes the first choice when it comes to longish and oversized laboratory furniture components. We do give customizable and flexible options when it comes to electric outlets, heavy reagent adjustable racks, hanging tools on hooks, and affiliation to focus- working environment. 

The modern comfort and high gloss appearance with UV resistance have become one of the major key priorities when we discuss C- Frame Metal laboratory workstations. These laboratory workbenches provide a variety of tools and right attachments to cater to our researchers and scientists need namely- wash basin sink, inbuilt gas, maple wood framing, electric ground point, detachable cupboards, and equipment with an attractive feature of movable case-work if required. 

I consider that this article will give you a complete understanding of different types of laboratory furniture; hence in conclusion note I would like to bring your kind attention to Our Shapers Lab team which is grounded with IT talents and professional engineers who believe in the concept of complete succession of each project; creating world-class laboratory work with vivid and dynamic quality furniture across all laboratory disciplines. Shapers Lab is a next-level generation solution for Different types of Laboratory Furniture with extensible digital advancements. 

Therefore, you can place an order at our website-  according to your specifications and demands and enjoy budget-friendly choices with a wide range of latest and dynamic spectrums and unparalleled experiences. 

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